Your new way
of training

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100% personalized attention + elegant design + maximum comfort + innovative equipment. These are the pillars of our philosophy. This is THE HUB: the place where you will discover for yourself from the very first session that you can train without losing your smile and immerse yourself in energy.

Be part of The Hub community and enjoy a challenging, optimistic, and transformative way of taking care of yourself, with personalized routines, exclusive spaces, and the latest technology at your service for your progress.

What is

The Hub is an exclusive training center in Palma de Mallorca that combines tailored spaces, activities, and services to make self-care a priority that you will enjoy in your daily life from now on.

  • We focus on your satisfaction and work to provide you with an exceptional experience.
  • We listen to your priorities and address your needs so that you feel safe and confident.
  • We continue to monitor and evaluate your progress to adjust the roadmap whenever necessary.

Why train
en the hub?

We pursue excellence because we don’t settle for you just liking to train here; we want you to look forward to your hub moment every day.

Experiencia 360 con las últimas tendencias del mercado

Premium experiences in small groups.

The best professionals in each area

Technological innovation

Personalized attention and initial assessment

Special actions that impact through the 5 senses


A team of professionals specialized in each area will guide you in planning your goals and motivate you in every session. Our mission is for you to enjoy every workout and, upon reaching the goal, want to go for more.